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Richardson Spine & Sports Therapy first opened its doors in June 2007, our mission has been simple: "RELIEVE PAIN. RESTORE FUNCTION. RETURN TO ACTIVITY." Our purpose is to provide high-quality, individualized physical therapy in the Richardson area, that gets results. This individualized care is particularly important for our patients' challenging problems that simply are not improving through other methods of intervention. We emphasize each patient's need to work extensively with one of our expert physical therapists to resolve painful muskuloskeletal problems and restore function.

The Institute for Sports & Spine Rehab was a collaboration between 2 of the top physical therapists in the DFW metroplex area and a leading office manager for the nation’s largest outpatient and sports medicine provider.  They knew there was a better way to provide the highest quality physical therapy complemented with patient hospitality while being focused on positive outcomes and patient satisfaction.  In 2003, Tom Domino, Dave Zeigler, and Kris Stevens started the Institute and almost 2 decades later, continue to be one of the oldest and best private practice physical therapy centers in the area.

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The Centre of Physical Rehabilitation specializes in enhancing our client's physical wellness through twenty-five years of experience in manual therapy techniques and state of the art equipment. Our staff is experience and knowledgeable in performing quality health care services that create life changing results for our clients. Our service goal is a better quality of life for every client we care for. The Centre of Physical Rehabilitation is a license and certified facility by the Texas State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners.

The Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Institute was founded by Rich Silliman in 2000.  It is the oldest private practice in the DFW metroplex.  After completing a Movement System Impairment Syndrome curriculum at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO under Dr. Shirly Sahrmann, PT, PhD, FAPTA, a one year residency program in manual therapy in San Antonio and a nationally recognized osteopathic manual therapy residency program under Phillip Greenman, DO at Michigan State University, Rich felt there was a need for an improved model of physical therapy care in the DFW metroplex.  Rich also developed a strong biomechanical treatment approach and sport specific rehabilitation programs during this time.  This model of care is used to treat both spine and upper/lower extremity conditions and provides a unique and highly successful model of physical therapy care for complex patients.

Partnership with KCOI

PT Partners of North Texas is proud to serve as the outpatient rehabilitation provider for Methodist Hospital for Surgery

Methodist Hospital for Surgery


  • Be the best and most well-respected provider of physical rehabilitation services and products.

  • Identify and implement the best practices to provide the most clinically effective rehabilitation services.

  • PT Partners of North Texas offers each patient the highest level of service along with our expertise in order to greatly improve disability, injury, and disease.


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At PT Partners of North Texas, our number one priority is the patient. Our compassionate clinicians provide a one-on-one individualized treatment approach. Sufficient time is allowed for each patient so that we can ensure proper treatment progression and secure the best outcome for our patients.

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